Magpie Youth Dancer Awarded Special Badge for Bravery

Posted on: February 12, 2018

One of Magpie Dance’s Youth Dancers was awarded with special badge for bravery from Scotland Yard after he helped a man who collapsed in front of him.

William was out with his carer when the man collapsed on top of some stairs in a busy shopping center, he helped to keep the man protected from passers by and noticed that he was trying to communicate in sign language that he needed sugar. He told people around that the man was diabetic and needed help. The police and medical attention came and thanks to William’s help he received medical care.

Once the police realised what a hero William had been for protecting the man, communicating for him and assisting the police, they decided to honour him with a special badge for bravery. The badge from Scotland Yard is a highly prestigious honour only usually awarded to officers. Well done William!