Magpie’s Easter School 2017 with StreetFunk!

Posted on: April 11, 2017

Last week kicked off with Magpie’s Youth Group Easter School from Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th April! We were very honored to have Streetfunk join us at our Easter workshops.

Streetfunk is a hip hop dance company based in Brighton and Hove, who have won numerous streetdance championship titles, both regional and the world. They are the South Coast’s biggest and most successful street dance school, which emphasizes the core values of “hard work, discipline, respect and having fun”.

Alongside our regular facilitators, the Youth Group Juniors and Seniors were led by Streetfunk’s Sean Stakim and Munya Muchati.

magpie easter school 2017-4

The Juniors explored a wide spectrum of hip hop and street dance moves, played with facial expressions and imagery and even belted out some of their best freestyle. Sean created a positive environment that allowed the dancers to explore freely and to groove naturally to the beats. The dancers also got to choreograph their own moves, within small groups, which were showcased in the sharing on the last day of Easter School.

Easter School

The Seniors explored the foundations of hip hop dance and showed off their very energetic and powerful moves, which included stunts like somersaults and jaw dropping flips. Munya encouraged a very lively setting and led the class with dynamic and impressive movements. The music used had bouncing rhythms and up-lifting vibes, which contributed to
the excitment and energy over the three days.


There was a sharing session on the last day of Easter School, where both groups showcased a performance, and displayed the moves they learnt in the past week. After the two group’s performances, the Seniors and Juniors all came together and everyone had the opportunity to freely express themselves individually or in pairs. The showcase was extremely popular, with many families and friends coming to support the dancers. The performances received loads of applauses and cheers, with some parents grooving enthusiastically along to the beats.

The feedback received was all very positive; “I have been so inspired each time I’ve come to a sharing. The work you all do is amazing and it’s so inspiring to see how much everyone can do” and “I was blown away with the energy and enthusiasm everyone had! I’m always recommending Magpie to friends!”. Many of the dancers also commented that the Easter School was very fun and that they had a great time!


I am extremely proud of the dancers for putting on such a great performance in such a short time, and for dancing so passionately in their respective classes. Street dance and hip hop was very new to some of the dancers and the classes were demanding, yet Magpie’s dancers went through the classes with such eagearness, great energy and positive attitudes.

Good job to all the dancers and thank you to the Magpie team and Streetfunk for supporting this fantastic Easter School.

Written by: Winnie Lee, Intern