At Magpie Dance everyone who takes part is empowered for life. #whoknewwecoulddance

At Magpie Dance, everyone who takes part is empowered for life.


We are the UK’s leading dance charity for people with learning disabilities.


Through dance, our participants gain life, social and communication skills with added health and wellbeing benefits.


We also deliver professional training for education, dance, health and business clients, and we work with the NHS to provide in-patient work for people with dementia and learning disabilities.


To keep going we need your help. Donate to our #whoknewwecoulddance appeal today. 


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Donate to our #whoknewwecoulddance appeal today.


Magpie Dance is delighted to be an affiliate member of CDMT.

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#whoknewwecoulddance At Magpie Dance everyone who takes part is empowered for life. To keep going we need your help. Best Online Tramadol Sites