Bespoke Consultancy

In addition to Magpie Dance’s many training offers. Magpie Dance are also able to provide bespoke consultancy. Whether organising an event, reviewing policies, procedures and recruitment, or addressing communication or access needs, Magpie Dance can help. We can support organisations to evaluate and address challenges they face concerning inclusion and equality.

Who is it for:

Any workforce including; Businesses , Public service providers, Healthcare professionals, Dance & Arts Organisations

“Developing specific strategies was so useful”

“10 out of 10”

Magpie Dance has over 30 years of experience of delivering inclusive sessions in different settings, encouraging participants to develop their individual potential and confidence. This bespoke session will build on the successful methods and approaches that Magpie has developed and refined over 30 years of working with individuals, teams and organisations. Magpie Dance’s dancers, facilitators and trainers work with highly experienced organisation development experts to develop training and development workshops that meet your needs and deliver your intended outcomes in a unique and highly effective manner.

You will find the work to be insightful and developmental. Organisations we have worked with are hugely positive about our methods and approach. Our bespoke consultancy can be a stand-alone event or part of wider programme of work. Contact us for a conversation to explore further how we might work together.




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