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Description: Be creative, get active and have fun with dance in these weekly classes for all abilities, with or without a learning disability

Type of class: Regular Class

Status: Places Available

Location: Melvin Hall Community Centre, Melvin Road, Penge, SE20 8EU

Day/Time: Fridays 5pm-6pm

Participants are free to create  their own movement and work with others to explore movement together. Led by our dance teachers, these sessions are open to all adults 16+, with or without a physical disability, learning disability or sensory impairment. Beginners and wheelchair users are welcome.

These sessions offer adults both with and without learning disabilities the opportunity to develop skills in contemporary dance technique. Our unique, highly accessible inclusive dance methodology facilitates dancers to express their artistic voice.

For dancers with learning disabilities, the session offers the opportunity to develop their dance technique while supporting them to collaborate with dancers without learning disabilities; giving them greater scope and confidence to engage in mainstream programmes and activities. Dancers without learning disabilities develop their own contemporary dance techniques as well as experience in collaborating with people with learning disabilities, gaining insights into inclusive dance practice.

Be creative, get active and have fun with dance in these weekly classes for all abilities.

Venue: Melvin Hall Community Centre, Melvin Road, Penge, SE20 8EU

Days: Fridays

Time: 5pm – 6pm

Price: £5 per session payable on the door, no booking necessary.

Age: 18+

Dates: Friday 26th April – Friday 6th July, excluding Friday 1st June for half term.

Suitable for: Inclusive session, suitable for people with and without learning disabilities

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