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Tuesday Magpie Adult Choreographers

Time: 10.00am-12.00pm

Location: Verrall Hall, Bromley United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley, BR1 1RY.

Suitable for: Adults 18+ (this class is by invitation only- for more information please Order Tramadol Online Europe)

Sessions are facilitated by Alison Ferrao – Co Artistic Director -Adults and Health, and assisted by Alexandrina Hemsley.

All Magpie Dance classes are accompanied by a professional musician in the form of drums or keyboards.


Magpie Dance’s Adult Choreographers (MAC) comprises of up to 15 dancers. Some of these dancers have been with Magpie since it started, and others have progressed via the Magpie Youth and Adult Community Classes.

This session focuses on performance and choreographic techniques. So far, six dancers from the Adult Group have created their own choreographic dance pieces for public performance through our Mentoring Programme. Dancers are also involved in outreach and education residencies.

The cost is £10 per session, with a 10% discount if paying for a full term in advance (10 sessions). For new participants, sessions are half price for the first term only.

For further information please complete an enquiry form or contact the Magpie Dance office on 020 8290 6633.