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Wednesday Magpie Youth

Time: 4.30pm-6.30pm

Location: The Whitfield Hall, Bromley United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore Road, BR1 1RY

Suitable for: Ages 16-25 (for more information please Order Tramadol Online Europe)

Sessions are facilitated by Natasha Britton – Co Artistic Director -Youth, Education and Training, and assisted by Annie Waller.

All Magpie Dance classes are accompanied by a professional musician in the form of drums or keyboards.


Magpie Dance’s Youth Classes aim to enable young people with learning disabilities to explore creative movement and related arts in a supportive, safe and stimulating atmosphere.

The cost is £10 per session, with a 10% discount if paying for a full term in advance (10 sessions). For new participants, sessions are half price for the first term only. Please note booking is essential as classes are often full and spaces will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis every term. If a session is full, we are happy to keep your name on our waiting list and will be in touch as soon a place becomes available. For further information please complete an enquiry form or contact the Magpie Dance office on 020 8290 6633.

For further information please complete an enquiry form or contact the Magpie Dance office on 020 8290 6633.