Disability Awareness & Inclusion

Who is it for:

Any workforce including; Businesses, Public service providers, Healthcare professionals, Theatres, Dance & Arts Organisations

“A very refreshing course.”

“I had such an amazing time and learnt a lot.”

“It was so insightful and inspiring.”

 Through participation in this workshop your people will:

  • Have an increased understanding of the needs of people with disabilities
  • Raise understanding of and skill in, working positively with diversity and inclusion at work
  • Have the confidence to communicate effectively with people who have disabilities
  • Have a set of tools and a resource pack to explore ways to reduce disability hate and empower any vulnerable people with whom they work

The Magpie Dance disability awareness training is focused on professionals who need to better understand the needs of their staff and clients and the challenges they may be faced with. The Magpie Dance disability awareness training can be applied to any workforce who wishes to improve their ability to understand and communicate effectively with people with disabilities and to explore ways to reduce the challenges/risks they face and positively work with diversity, disability and inclusion.

The workshop will consist of the following sessions:

  • A Creative movement session focusing on non-verbal communication, giving choices and trust, with dancers with disabilities taking part
  • Exploration and analysis of the content of the practical session and the methodology behind principles of delivery
  • Implementation and action planning with participants drawing out the learning and identifying how to use their increased understanding of disability in their working life

Our workshops are impactful and relevant to organisations of all sizes and typically run between a day and a half day in length. We can offer these as standalone events or as part of larger learning and development interventions. 

This programme equates to 3-6 hours of professional development (depending on length of session booked) and is endorsed by CDMT.

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