Inclusive Dance Practice Training Programme

Who it is for:

Individual teachers/ dance professionals, Universities & Dance Colleges

“I have grown in confidence as a dance leader in an inclusive environment. More than anything, I have learned to trust that with enough patience, appropriate planning and an active focus a great many ideas in movement can be taught in an inclusive setting, just as they can be taught in a non-inclusive setting. This sense of confidence is a very important outcome of having taken part in the IDPT. The IDPT not only provides role models in facilitators and assistants who also trust in this, but also several opportunities to exercise this planning, patience and focused and active delivery of material in a real setting.”

“It has made a great impact on my career plan”

“Being immersed was the best way to learn”

“I had such an amazing time and learnt a lot, it was so insightful and inspiring I would love to become more involved in this area within dance. Also, the staff were very friendly and helpful which made everyone feel at ease and created a relaxed atmosphere. I would like to thank you for sharing your time, experience and knowledge with us, it was highly beneficial to many and I am personally very grateful.”

Through participation on this course you will:

  • Develop skills ranging from basic safe and professional support and interaction to advanced one to one support of participants with varying needs
  • Gain confidence in your own planning and delivery
  • Have the confidence to seek employment with inclusive dance companies or set up your own classes

Magpie Dance have been delivering the ground breaking Inclusive Dance Practice Training (IDPT) Programme since 2010. This five module course was written using the National Occupational Standards for Dance combined with Magpie’s ethos and approaches.

Magpie Dance has Affiliate status from CDMT, an endorsement of our continuing professional development courses as well as CDMT Recognised School status. The course has been identified by Canterbury Christchurch University as year 2 degree level.

Universities & Dance Colleges:

“Thank you again from me – this has developed into a wonderful partnership where the students gain deeply” Dr Angela Pickard – Principal Lecturer & Subject lead for Dance. Click here for details of the IDPT project we deliver at Canterbury Christchurch University. This project, currently running for a fourth consecutive year, gives an idea of how the course can be embedded into your current programmes of study. Contact us for details of how your students and staff can benefit from this course and for a bespoke quote.


Individuals can undertake the IDPT by committing to attending three hours of weekly Magpie Dance classes for a ten week term. All modules are assessed during class time. In addition Magpie Dance provide an induction meeting before the course and weekly mentoring meetings following the assessments.

Price for the course (for an individual): £950

Price for the course (for an organisation funding an individual): £1200

Previous graduates from the IDPT have gone on to work with Magpie Dance and other inclusive dance companies / schools/ organisations. Currently the only course of it’s kind, The IDPT provides confidence and a unique in depth understanding of inclusive dance principles.

This programme equates to 40 hours of professional development and is endorsed by CDMT.

Enquire here for more information.


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