Inclusive Event Organisation CPD/mentoring

Who it is for:

Anyone organising an event

“It was very useful to have open discussions around challenges and how to change to improve access in the future”

 “It provided some very interesting and challenging discussion and highlighted many issues for inclusivity and diversity”

 “I recall an event where the organisers were unaware that a key speaker was unable to enter the stage until the moment she was due on. Her accessibility needs had been considered for entering the building but not beyond that. It was embarrassing for all concerned and entirely avoidable”

Through participation in this CPD/ Mentoring, organisations will:

  • Have an increased understanding of disability
  • Have an increased understanding of the needs of people with disabilities
  • Have an increased understanding of how to implement positive changes to ensure accessibility
  • Have the confidence to alter working practices to ensure inclusion

Inclusive event organization CPD/ mentoring is a bespoke service addressing the needs of the client. This package can be anything from 2 hours to a day. Magpie Dance will support the client to look in detail at current practices and challenges faced. The session will focus on giving practical advice when planning events or performances, to ensure they meet the needs of disabled people. This includes physical accessibility as well as addressing other additional needs.

This programme equates to 2-6 hours of professional development (depending on length of session booked) and is endorsed by CDMT.

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