Inclusive exercise class CPD

Who is it for:

A group of fitness instructors

“Excellent session, simple, broken down and easy to understand”

“I would recommend, I believe it was informative to show how we can adapt in classes easily to the needs of participants”

Through participation in this workshop participants will:

  • Develop skills for adapting class material to suit people with disabilities
  • Develop skills to differentiate to meet a range of needs in one class
  • Have a resource pack to take away with further ideas for making their classes inclusive

Magpie Dance draw on over thirty years of experience delivering inclusive dance, to offer clients bespoke inclusive exercise class CPD, focusing on different techniques for running or supporting inclusive classes.

The Inclusive exercise class CPD workshop is three hours in length and will be led by 2 experienced Magpie Dance facilitators.

The workshops consists of the following three sessions:

  • A short practical exercise class incorporating Magpie Dance’s inclusive approaches
  • Group discussion and questions about Magpie Dance’s inclusive ethos and approach
  • Implementation and action planning with participants, drawing out the learning and identifying how they can apply to their own work

Many instructors fear it is not possible to adapt the content of their classes to meet the needs of participants with disabilities whilst still catering to the needs of participants without disabilities. Magpie Dance can show you how to manage this effectively and with confidence.

This programme equates to 3 hours of professional development and is endorsed by CDMT.

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