Who it is for:

 Individual teachers (special & mainstream) & dance professionals

“A well organised company with clear methods of teaching/ training”

 “Our time with Magpie Dance has also inspired us to learn more… we can’t wait to try out some of the new techniques we’ve learned.”

Through Magpie Dance’s mentoring you will:

  • Develop confidence in your inclusive dance teaching
  • Have access to support with your lesson planning and delivery
  • Have a chance to reflect on your own practice and develop your skills

An experienced Magpie Dance practitioner can be booked to visit you in your workplace, attend meetings and provide online and phone support. Mentoring will consolidate your inclusive dance skills and enrich your programme of delivery.

This bespoke service is designed to support the implementation of the techniques learnt/ observed, following a CPD event or a visit to a Magpie Dance class. This is Professional development tailor made to support your needs.

Mentoring can be booked in blocks of four or more hours which may be used over a period of 6 months. The time can be used according to your needs and includes:

  • A site visit to observe you teaching
  • A meeting to discuss the observation, provide feedback and support future planning
  • Online/ phone support to problem solve issues faced in class and plan lessons or schemes of work

(For bookings of 6 or more hours further site visits and meetings may be planned)

Mentoring provides confidence and guidance for combining Magpie Dance’s approaches with your own, in a real setting. Getting you started or reigniting your creativity.

This programme equates to 4 or more hours of professional development (depending on hours of mentoring booked) and is endorsed by CDMT.

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