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Posted on: January 20, 2015

Congratulations to all of our dancers, choreographers and members of staff for a fabulous evening this past Friday. Everybody worked incredibly hard to inspire others with high quality inclusive dance, and the dedication shined through!

Sending special thanks to David Wildridge from Stopgap, our costume designer Martina Trottmann, composer Andy Higgs, our Magpie dance facilitators and volunteers, Willow Pearce our =dance project manager, Jasmine Wilson for chairing our post-show discussion, the amazing Sadler’s Wells team and – most importantly – everyone who came to support Magpie Dance in our 30th year with a SOLD OUT performance at the Lilian Baylis Studio. We are honoured to be a part of this wonderful group of people.

We are very excited to share pictures and videos of the night with you all — stay tuned!

Until then, enjoy some of the feedback we’ve received from audience members:

“A jewel amid a sea of contemporary art companies, Magpie Dance’s Flying High needs to be showcased in every town and city in the country. It will capture your imagination, and seize your heart and mind forever.” – Theodora Munroe, journalist at Order Tramadol Online Europe

‘An entertaining show, a pleasure to watch, so well put together’ – audience member

‘Enlightening. They did an incredible job– really delighted to have joined this event’ – audience member

‘Seriously moving – extraordinary skill, precision and discipline by the performers, and vision and expectation of staff’ – audience member

‘Very impressive show resulting from much hard work in practice and discipline’ – audience member

‘Very inspirational work by all, keep going’ – audience member

‘Excellent, heart-warming, inspiring’ – audience member

‘The show this evening was outstanding’ – audience member

Magpie Dance should be proud of their ability to produce work which showcases high standard and engagement within dance, everyone should definitely watch their work! It’s gorgeous, imaginative and professional.” – Emma-Hope Newitt, Order Tramadol Overnight Cod

‘I thought it was fantastic. I was impressed by the dancers professionalism and enthusiasm for the performance. The dancers moved with creativity and flair and we in the audience were all enthralled!‘ – Elaine Collis, Tuke School, Deputy Head

‘The performance last night was just wonderful and I am sure it was an eye opener for many to see the dancers in action and performing to such a high level. The music, costumes and  choreography helped the dancers and audience feel that the latest stage of your journey has been achieved. Thank you for having the vision to recognise the potential of learning disabled people and please convey our thanks to the great Magpie team who work so hard to make Magpie so successful’. – Lynne, Magpie parent

‘[An] ambitious rewarding evening, contrasting double bill (abstract modernism & teasing semi-narrative)’ – Donald Hutera, dance critic

‘The Story so Far: the Speakeasy dancer’s own interpretations spoke volumes –cheeky, sensitive, sassy, tender. Made by Many: collectively & beautifully performed –a sense of togetherness & care, with exceptional execution. The most selfless & caring dancer/choreographers you are every likely to meet’. Lizz Fort, Lecturer in Dance Education, Royal Academy of Dance

‘Thank you for a wonderful evening and congratulations to all the dancers!’ – Janine Tregelles, Mencap Chief Executive