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Posted on: March 13, 2017

Disabled Access day was a series of celebrations, which took place across 3 days from the 10th March – 12th March 2017. The events focused on raising the profile of disabled access and to encourage the public to try something new. Many charities and organisations got involved, putting on different shows and activities around the UK. I am currently an intern at Magpie Dance, a charity that supports people who have learning disabilities through dance. Magpie participated in Disabled Access Day by performing at the Barclay’s flagship branch in Piccadilly Circus, London. There was a stand by the entrance with information about the day and how the public could get involved as well as support Magpie Dance.

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The performance was choreographed by Magpie’s Adult Group Director, Alison Ferrao. The dance was performed to live drums, which got the audience’s attention as they clapped along. This was an exciting opportunity to not only advocate for Magpie Dance but a chance for the dancers to perform in a unique and fun venue. Some of the dancers spoke about their experiences, “It made me very happy and I’d like to do it again!” and “I enjoyed choreographing and performing my solo today for Access Day. I felt special being in the spotlight!” This was Magpie’s ‘try something new’ for Disabled Access Day as the dancers had never performed in a bank foyer before. Trying something new is what Disabled Access Day encourages as it joins communities together through getting them to participate in new activities. The dancer’s performance was exciting to watch as it was full of high energy moves and the dancer’s all looked happy to be on stage. The audience enjoyed watching the performance and said “I found it very inspiring, it’s not something you see every day.”

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Paralympian Sophie Christiansen, an Ambassador for Disabled Access Day, attended the event to raise awareness and joined in with the celebrations. Sophie competed in the 2012 and 2016 Paralympics games where she won 3 gold medals for equestrian and dressage as well as winning ‘Woman of The Future Award’ in 2015. As an intern, it was very exciting to watch the show and meet such inspirational people. It was a great first-hand experience for me as it was fantastic to see the dancers perform outside of classes and see their performance qualities enhanced on stage. It was also a wonderful opportunity for me to test my knowledge of Magpie Dance and tell the public about their work. This showed me that the company has educated me on both performances and administration and it was great event to tell people about the organisation.

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Written by Hannah Edwards