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Posted on: April 1, 2015

Last week, Magpie dancers brilliantly showcased their creative work during our end of term sharings. Spanning over three days, the successful class sharings reflected the dancers’ enjoyment, hard work and achievements throughout the spring term. We were thrilled to have so many friends and family join us – thank you for your continued support for Magpie and our dancers!

Please enjoy reading some of the audience feedback we received from our sharings last week:

Community Class

‘Participants obviously enjoy working together. Lovely movement.’

‘So impressive! What you achieved in 4 weeks work was wonderful.’

‘It was lovely to see how they put their performances together – such hard work.’

‘As the session was made by the dancers it shows how talented and creative the dancers have become. A wonderful show!’

‘Wonderful that they invented the moves themselves.’

Youth Group Juniors

‘Fantastic – all were able to contribute in their own way. A great and worthwhile project!’

‘We loved the dance and thought it showcased the confidence of the dancers brilliantly – good interpretation of the brief.’

‘Imaginative and lovely movements from all dancers.’

‘Thank you for helping with my son’s development.’

Youth Group Seniors

‘Amazed how everyone remembers the dances with so much content.’

‘The way all the ‘opposites’ were done were all very good.’

‘Amazing development of their skills – so great to see them choreographing their own pieces too.’

‘Wonderful! Varied input – highly collaborative, rich and stimulating – very exciting to be a part of it.’

‘The group has grown in confidence and the way they’re proud of their individual contribution.’

‘Their choreography performances – extremely inspiring and interesting to see the dancers own vision and creativity to direct their fellow dancers.’

‘Extremely creative choreography from the dancers, some beautiful fluid moves and stark opposites – really followed the brief – Natasha and her assistants have worked extremely hard and it has totally paid off.’

‘Continue with what you are doing, it’s great – also great to see group members expressing their opinions.’

‘Really beautiful and was lovely to see the dancers encouraging each other.’

‘I love the way the dancers respond to the sound/tempo of music and work together.’

Haven’t registered yet for summer term classes? Look Order Tramadol Online Europe for more information. We are so excited to begin our next term April 20th and look forward to seeing you there!

Summer Term Dates: Week of 20th April – Week of 29th June. Half term (no class) – Week of 25th May

Contact Order Tramadol Overnight Cod to register 🙂