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Posted on: January 30, 2019

Watch our exciting new documentary about our First World War project; Hidden Impact – uncovering new findings, workshops, performances and much more!

Today we’re releasing our exciting new Hidden Impact documentary. Exploring the stories of people with learning disabilities, their journeys and contributions to the First World War, the documentary charts the development of the project, as well as showcasing the huge talent of our Magpie dancers.

Inspiring, educating and challenging all who have experienced it to date, Hidden Impact is a fully accessible research project with inclusive workshops, exhibition and a performance tour.

During the flagship performance and commemorative tour Magpie dancers, all of whom have learning disabilities, performed their own artistic interpretations of the research uncovered as hospital records classified for 100 years were accessed for the first time. The results are simply phenomenal.

Magpie Dance Chief Executive, Thalie Martini said: “I am so proud and privileged to have witnessed the depth of creativity and dignity Magpie Dancers and the team have achieved through this project. This, at times very confronting, story needed to be told, because heritage belongs to everyone. I am so pleased that Hidden Impact has shown that people with learning disabilities not only played a part but made a huge contribution to this part of history. I hope this project will highlight the important contributions that people with learning disabilities make to history, society and the arts”.

Delivered in partnership with Ruskin College and self-advocacy group My Life, My Choice with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England, Hidden Impact and its findings play a part in valuing the contributions made by people with learning disabilities to history, our national heritage and today’s society.

Featuring behind the scenes footage, exclusive interviews and emotional audience reactions you can Order Tramadol Online Europe and view the full Hidden Impact exhibition at Bromley Museum now.