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Posted on: April 11, 2018

For the fifth consecutive year Magpie Dance delivered professional development on inclusive dance practice to higher education dance students from Canterbury Christchurch University (CCU) and Trinity Laban and for the third year welcomed placement students from The Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD). Magpie Dance have Affiliate status from CDET, endorsing all professional development delivered.

Students undertaking professional development sessions and mentoring with Magpie Dance gain a deeper understanding of teaching dance to people with disabilities. They gain insight into the inclusive approaches and ethos of the company. The skills and awareness gained will have an impact on their own practice. We have had feedback that the training events can range from opening someone’s eye’s to a new approach to actually changing an individual’s career plan.

CCU welcomed Magpie Dance in January to once again deliver module one of their ground breaking inclusive dance practice training programme to year two dance education degree students. The students spent a day with Magpie Dance looking at theory and practical approaches, then a day hands on day supporting delivery of classes at St Nicholas Special School.

The staff were absolutely amazing and so kind, I hope to be as kind-hearted and professional as them one day. I learnt so much from the workshop and I think you guys are phenomenal with what you are doing!”

Magpie Dance also co delivered a day in February with consortium partners Trinity Laban and Candoco Dance Company for Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning students. The day was also open to freelance dance teachers to attend.

“I learnt about keeping people’s interest by empowering them and giving people time”.

“I’ve learnt to have a bit more faith in the people I’m teaching. I’ve learnt not to assume”.

As part of the BA degree in Ballet Education, students from The RAD undertake placements within the community. For the third year running, Magpie Dance has been delighted welcome two year three students on placement for the academic year within our regular youth group sessions.

 “The most fulfilling thing in my week is seeing the beautiful energy in the studio at Magpie Dance. The collaboration of kindness and care make for a heart warming atmosphere and results in happy students dancing with ambition. A privilege to observe”.

– Natasha Britton Co Artistic Director – Youth, Education & Training

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