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Posted on: October 25, 2017

Magpie Dance is looking for an exceptional Corporate Development Consultant in this new hands on role. Working with the Chief Executive this role will involve leading on the development of new corporate business relationships and activity, drawing on knowledge of the corporate sector to develop a strategy for achieving new corporate support for Magpie Dance and introducing new productive partnerships. The ideal candidate will be highly motivated and will have an entrepreneurial edge. They will be brilliant at building relationships at a senior level and an inspiring leader who has the ability to persuade, influence and inspire. The candidate will have a proven track record of
building successful and productive corporate partnerships within the charity and/or community sectors. An application pack including a full role description is available Order Tramadol Online Europe or from the General Manager, Laura Graham, at or on 020 8290 6633.

To be considered for this important role please send your CV and covering letter explaining your suitability to Laura Graham by close of day on 13th November 2017. Reports to: Chief Executive

Length of freelance contract: 25 days over a period of 6 months

Fee: £5,000 – to be worked on £200.00 per day (7.5 hrs per day) freelance to include all reasonable travel

Location: Home-working with external visits as required