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Posted on: August 15, 2018

Since 2012, Magpie Dance has been working in partnership with us to deliver inclusive dance sessions at Tall Trees, The Older Persons Service and Atlas House. The participants include people with a range of complex learning disabilities, some clients on the autism spectrum and with challenging behaviour, plus older clients with dementia.

This long-term delivery of sessions has shown significant progression by participants, with half demonstrating increased confidence, co-operation and communication.

The structure and continuity has encouraged service users to regularly attend, develop and improve their social skills. This has a positive impact on the communication environment where tools include signing, photo key rings, personal day planners, picture books and a photo board planner.

Feedback from the service users is positive and collated on feedback forms at the end of each session.

In the forms, service users say the sessions give them a chance to take part, choose their own dance moves and create a dance routine.

Stephen Dredge is Senior Support Worker at Tall Trees. He said: “The work we do is supported by the Big Lottery Fund but this will end next year. From 2019 we will need to raise funds to continue this fantastic work and partnership which has such a positive impact on those who participate.”

If you think you can help please contact Magpie Dance at Order Tramadol Online Europe

Article by Stephen Dredge – Senior Support Worker, Tall Trees Day Centre.