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Posted on: December 20, 2018

What a triumph indeed.

In a rare full company performance Magpie dancers took to the stage to tell the stories of people with learning disabilities in the First World War.

On Sunday 9th December, over 250 people gathered to see Magpie dancers perform in their ‘Hidden Impact’ show. Depicting Victorian street games, trenches and canary girls to name just some of the pieces that moved our audience to tears; the dancers and the stories they told through dance were amazing.

In the culmination of our First World War project supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England, our researchers from Ruskin College and My Life, My Choice delivered an exclusive presentation of research findings. Before Magpie dancers, all of whom have learning disabilities, performed their own artistic interpretations of the research uncovered as part of this project.

Magpie Dance Chief Executive Thalie Martini said “What the dancers and the team have achieved in a short period of time is nothing less than extraordinary. This brilliant production has shown what people with learning disabilities can achieve when they are empowered to develop their art with their own voice. They have done something ground breaking. This story needed to be told, and our dancers did so with dignity and power.”

The performance included live music and singing, outstanding lighting and video, all of which enhanced the dance pieces and the story, told of the First World War, marking the recent centenary.

We have received wonderful feedback and compliments from our full house audience. Here are some highlights and some photos of the most wonderful evening.

Thank you, from all the team and dancers at Magpie Dance!

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“What an enthralling experience!”
“How you inspire and lead all the dancers on the journey to perform with such confidence and focus is beyond brilliant.”
“How wonderful all the dancers were, how they interpreted the story. Superb – heart wrenching”.
“I was blown away though to see a full performance with my own eyes…(you do have to see it to believe it!).”
“As for the band of musicians – they were phenomenal. Seamlessly connected to the performers and choreographies. A rich, warm sound keeping us wrapped up in the often difficult themes unfolding on stage.”
“Excellent. The commitment from the dancers was extraordinary and the performance as a whole was very moving”.
“It was absolutely amazing, after a few minutes of watching I didn’t even notice anyone’s disabilities they were all so professional”.
“Exceptional! The whole production was of such a high quality”.
“You know how to communicate truths and human stories of suffering in a totally inclusive and loving way. I was inspired and am so grateful to be invited. Keep dancing and inspiring others you brilliant people”.
“Very powerful performance. Was also good that there was a theme for this show.”
“Fantastic. A huge undertaking. The quality of the acting as well as the dancing was amazing”.
“It was great to see everyone come together in such a beautiful and moving way. Huge congrats to all involved!”