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Posted on: March 29, 2017

Over the last week of term at Magpie Dance, all the classes had a sharing session. The Community Class, Adult Group and Youth Group classes were open to all families, friends and visitors to come watch the participants share what they have learnt in class.

The Wednesday Community Class, led by Natasha Britton and Katharine le Roux, created a performance piece utilising chairs, lycra and coloured dots. The entire group came together at the end, dancing around a stretchy fabric, and created a fantastic finale with it. Some feedback received from the audience noted that the highlight of the performance was how the dancers worked around the props seamlessly and the performance was “synchronised and heart-warming”.

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The Wednesday Youth Group Seniors Class, led by Natasha Britton and Erica Moshman, shared an interesting piece, using props such as hats, scarves and chairs. One of the highlights of the dance was how the chairs were used to create an orchestra scene! The audience commented that the dancers were “creative and well-coordinated”, the dance was “lively, funky and made good use of props” and it was “really nice that all the dancers had equal parts and a chance to shine”.

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The Thursday Community Class, led by Alison Ferrao and Sophie Hooker, showcased a very fun and exciting performance, with Tango elements inspired by Strictly Come Dancing. The dancers moved along impeccably with the Tango music of 4 beats per bar, and presented their moves with great sharpness and poise! Towards the end of the performance, the dancers split into smaller groups and showcased movement phases that involved counter balancing! A challenge that not only involves movement, but learning to trust and work with others. The feedback received from the audience indicated that the dancers worked very well with each other and noted an increase in coordination skills in the dancers.

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The Thursday Adult Group, led by Alison Ferrao and Sophie Hooker, performed an elaborate yet immaculate choreography, where some sections of the dance were choreographed by the dancers themselves. The dancers spent a lot of time creating and practicing for this choreography, which was reflected in the beautiful performance they showed. The feedback received said that the dancers were “confident”, “the group were amazingly creative” and one of the highlights was “seeing the dancers so immersed in the choreography and so enthusiastic”.

The Saturday Youth Group Juniors Class, led by Erica Moshman and Katharine le Roux, put up an energetic piece. The performance utilised each other bodies as “obstacles”, where the dancers crossed over one another seamlessly and gracefully. The dancers worked in duets, small groups and as an entire group for this performance. The audience commented that the performance was “vibrant, fun and the obvious joy of the participant”, “absolutely fantastic. I loved the way they were all concentrating and loving what they were doing”, “amazing as always! I think it’s the confidence all the juniors show and how good they are at working together” and “the dance was fantastic and the participants performed excellently as a team”.

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The Saturday Youth Group Seniors Class, led by Natasha Britton, Willow and Elaine, performed a piece using hats and scarves as props! They integrated the props along with elaborate gestures; wafting the scarf, using the scarves as washed laundry and folding the scarves like bedsheets. The dance was vibrant and energizing, showcasing the Youth Group’s funky attitude for dance. The audience thought that it was an “excellent sharing”, “dancers showed great coordination and focus”, “every child participated and gave it their all, it seems to increase their confidence in themselves and they enjoy themselves in doing dance” and the dance routine was “different yet special”.

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We would also like to share that Olivia from the Youth Group was the winner of the Jack Petchey achievement Award this term for her enormous development in her confidence and communication in the youth group classes. Every term, a dancer from the Youth Group is awarded the Jack Petchey Achievement Award which celebrates the achievements of three individuals each year and are awarded £250 per person by the Jack Petchey Foundation to spend on activities or resources for the youth group. Congratulations Olivia! And good job to all the dancers and staff for creating great sharings for the end of term!

Written by: Winnie Lee, Intern