Magpie presents the Youth Group’s first collaborative, multi-media Easter School sharing

Posted on: April 13, 2015

Magpie had a fab Easter School last week! The sharing (to an audience of 20+ family and friends) included a creative film, the improvised music of 2 live musicians, and Amazon-themed dance movements/choreography from both the Youth Group Seniors & Youth Group Juniors. This was the first Easter School where Magpie combined both the Juniors (aged 9-15) and the Seniors (aged 16-25) for a collaborative performance.

Most excitingly, the Youth Group’s new ipad is a great addition to Magpie’s creative toolkit. We are now able to explore multi-media in relation to dance and use it to enliven our sessions and sharings. Feedback from last Friday’s sharing included:

‘Brilliant! Loved seeing the dancers working together.’

‘As usual, amazing, so much achieved in such a short time — well done to everyone involved.’

‘Great to see both groups working together.’

‘Loved the video at the beginning of the sharing! Such a creative way to celebrate different qualities of movement and present them from new angles and perspectives. Can’t wait to see more film/dance explorations!’

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Magpie's creative team!

Magpie’s creative team!