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Posted on: March 21, 2017

Five of our Saturday Youth Group technique dancers were honoured to be invited to perform at an event hosted by DM Thomas Foundation at the Hilton Kensington, on the 17th of March. DM Thomas Foundation is an organisation dedicated to helping disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and children. The dancers put on a splendid and earnest performance that drew cheers from the audience. The dance was choreographed by Magpie’s Youth Group Director, Natasha Britton, with Hans Ferrao on the drums.

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After the performance, the dancers and Natasha had a Q&A segment with the audience. They showed great interest and appreciation for the performance. Some questions raised included; “how long did it take to choregraph the piece”, “how many times do the dancers practice each week” and “whether the dancers enjoyed having a day off from school to participate in this performance!”

To further enhance and allow the audience to understand the Magpie Dance experience, Natasha gathered everyone into a circle and led the ‘name and shape’ activity. This activity is carried out at the start of every Magpie’s session, where each participant forms a shape along with saying his/her name, and others who are standing around the circle repeat.

The audience had great fun participating in this interactive activity and many of them only had praises and encouragement for the Magpie team. The dancers were also very pleased and happy that they had the opportunity to showcase their dance moves, and expressed their joy and appreciation after the performance.


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As an intern, it was very heartwarming to help support this unique sharing and the public to better understand Magpie’s approach and how the organisation helps those with learning difficulties. It was my first time seeing the dancer’s movement phrase in a setting outside of class, and I felt extremely proud of them for maintaining their professionalism and dancing with great passion. It was enriching for me to experience Magpie’s work outside the office and classes, and see how Magpie continues to widen people’s views on inclusive dance and its benefits.

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Written by Winnie Lee (Intern)