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Posted on: October 8, 2015

Magpie had an amazing Summer School 2015 with 4 days of creative, inclusive dance sessions for people 9-25.

52 parents, friends and carers attended the sharing, which resulted in some wonderful feedback!

Did you love the 2015 Summer School?! If so, be sure to register for Easter School 2016.

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To register, contact Elaine Foley in the office: Order Tramadol Online Europe020 8290 6633

FeedbSummer Schoolack

Summer School 2015 

From dancers

‘I loved helping with other people’ 

‘I love dancing’ 

‘I like to hang out with my friends’ 

‘I love all of the staff’ 

‘I enjoyed clapping with Natasha’

‘It was really good having live music to dance to’

‘Thumbs up’

‘I’m really good dancer, my moves, girls there, boys there, around and me I’m in the middle and I turn around. It really good’

‘I like everything of dance and my best friends dance – I like that part’

‘Nothing I didn’t like’

‘I got 5 words to say about Magpie Dance: Amazing, Good, Great, Wicked, Special. Magpie is all about meeting new friends and being nice to them and team work’

From parents/carers

‘It was really good. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves’

‘I loved it!’

‘Brilliant show!’

‘How fantastic. Something for everybody – all involved! Well done to all teachers and dancers – keep it going!’

‘Great participation from all the dancers showing passion and enthusiasm’

‘The transformation was wonderful! We never knew that there was a little dancer inside of him kicking and screaming to get out!’

‘Thank you for the extra feelings of fun, excitement and anticipation felt throughout these four days. Thank you to the huge difference that Magpie has made to our holidays and most of all – I think that we have (with your help) found an activity that he really loves’