Stage Right/Stage Left – My Work Experience

Posted on: May 5, 2017

I have performed at the Churchill Theatre with school and now my work experience at Magpie Dance has let me see behind the scenes…

My name is Lewis, I am a Sixth Form student at Riverside School, Orpington. My blog is about my 3 day work experience from 3rd May – 5th May 2017 at Magpie Dance.  Magpie Dance is a dance company that helps people with learning disabilities to gain confidence, through dance and to have a brighter future.  Magpie Dance’s mission statement is:

Unlocking individual potential and ability, to be at the forefront of dance for people with learning disabilities.

I met up with Jill from Bromley Mencap and Jessica from Magpie Dance on Wednesday morning. Magpie Dance is based at The Churchill Theatre.  I had a health and safety induction where I learnt how to leave the building in case of a fire and to be aware of any trip hazards.  I had a tour of the theatre where I saw the props for the First Hippo on the Moon on the stage.  On Friday I saw some of the production and the props being used.  It was good fun!

I have had a fun 3 days, learnt lots, joined a community class and watched a technical class. I have sent a tweet with a picture of me and now I am writing a blog!

I learnt what it is like to work in an office where Magpie Dance organises its activities and how Magpie dancers feel about being involved with Magpie. I did this by interviewing some of the dancers and started this by saying to the people I interviewed “hey, you already know who I am from the Name and Shape routine we did at the start of the class”.  I prepared my interview questions earlier working with Jill from Bromley Mencap.  We typed these and I was then able to know what I was going to ask everyone.

I was interested to learn how the dancers travelled to the community class and how long they had been going to classes. Some people travel independently, walking or using the bus.  Others come with support workers.  Dancers I spoke with have been enjoying coming to Magpie Dance from Juniors to Seniors, which is quite a few years.

Everyone of the dancers I interviewed said dancing with Magpie helps them to keep fit.

This is a picture of me with Laura. Laura wore a costume in the production ‘Made by Many’.

I also attended a Community Class which started with Name and Shape.   The shape I made was the shape of one of the palm tree props which was on the stage at the Churchill for First Hippo on the Moon.  I saw this on the stage during my tour of the Churchill Theatre on Wednesday morning.  My pose was with one of my arms straight pointing forwards and the curved one was pointing behind me and I said my name.  Some of the Name and Shape shapes were used during the session which was based on the Tango.

“My confidence has improved by doing fun work experience at Magpie Dance”

It has been a good work experience and I have enjoyed it and had lots of fun. I liked the staff who have helped me at my work experience and would like to thank them.

The best thing about my work experience was joining in at the Community Class!

Written by Lewis, Work Experience Student

Date: 5/5/2017