The future is bright at Magpie Dance!

Posted on: May 25, 2018

At Magpie Dance we’re looking to a bright future – find out what our Co Artistic Directors have been up to…

The number and diversity of programmes offered at Magpie Dance has grown significantly in recent years and in order for the company to move forward as a united entity we’re introducing across-programme framework, planning and development to help us build a strong and sustainable future.

Our Co Artistic Directors have been working on a long-term artistic plan that contains annual themes across all Magpie Dance programmes linked to local, national or global initiatives and events. Subject to funding, this plan will enable us to offer our participants a wide range of events and activities to explore these themes ranging from workshops by visiting artists, trips to exhibitions and shows, creation of resources and of course opportunities to perform. While the number of activities will be dependent on the level of funding we are able to secure, we are very excited about our plans and want to share with you where we are with them.

Over the past few months, we’ve been talking to our participants about themes that they are interested in and the verdict is in. Our chosen themes are:

2017/18 – Dance Films and International Choreographers

2018/19 – First World War Centenary

2019/20 – Technology

2020/21 – Dance and Culture

2021/22 – History of Learning Disability

Our vision is to involve greater numbers of participants in our programmes and to engage with a wider and more diverse audience. To achieve this, we want to create links with a range of organisations and we are busy talking to lots of potential partners. To launch our First World War Centenary theme, we are delighted to partner with Dr Lee Humber of Ruskin College and self-advocacy group, My Life, My Choice. Subject to funding, we will be building on their existing research exploring the impact of WW1 on people with learning disabilities. Magpie Dance will use this research and a range of other stimuli to create new dance pieces. Watch this space!