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Posted on: November 3, 2018

Magpie Dance are proud to release tickets for the flagship performance of ‘Hidden Impact’, a rare full Magpie Dance company show on 9th December.

Exploring the role played by people with learning disabilities during the First World War it’s an emotional portrayal of research never before undertaken. Magpie Dance’s company dancers, all of whom have learning disabilities, devised their own artistic interpretations of the research uncovered in this special dance, research and exhibition project marking 100 years since the end of WW1. The flagship performance will only be the third time the whole Magpie Dance company have performed together in recent years. You can secure your seat by Order Tramadol Online Europe.

The flagship performance and exhibition of ‘Hidden Impact’ also features an exclusive presentation and Q&A session with Prof. Lee Humber from Ruskin College. Spaces to this special opportunity are free, but limited, so must be booked in advance with your performance tickets.

Delivered in partnership with Ruskin College and self-advocacy group My Life, My Choice, with thanks to funding from Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England, the full WW1 project includes this full company show and exhibition and a tour of excerpts. The commemorative tour by various Magpie Dance groups features rehearsals of small excerpts of ‘Hidden Impact’ and takes place in the weeks leading up to 9th December. You can see the tour dates on our Order Tramadol Overnight Cod page, but don’t miss your chance to witness the full moving spectacle of ‘Hidden Impact’ on 9th December by Purchase Tramadol Online Uk.