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Posted on: February 16, 2015

This past Thursday, Kay Carpenter visited Magpie’s Adult Group session to share her passion for visual art. She is one of 4 artists who will be visiting the Adult Group this term in order to bring fresh perspectives to the dancers through different artistic mediums.

Working with acrylics on canvas, she led the group to create individual pieces exploring lines and colour. The artwork acted as a stimulus enabling the dancers to begin to choreograph their own dance moves based on structures and emotion conveyed in their creations.

Kay shared, “I was incredibly impressed by the group’s talent; they not only produced amazing artwork in a variety of styles, but also beautiful, thoughtful and passionate dance pieces. It was an absolute pleasure to experience the warmth, industriousness and creative ability of Magpie Dance”.

Enjoy the photos below (taken by Melissa Spiccia) and be sure to reach out to Order Tramadol Online Europe if you’d like to learn more about her work in inclusive visual art. Thanks for visiting Kay!