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Posted on: October 4, 2018

Set to unfold over the next few weeks, we’ve launched our first giving and awareness campaign #whoknewwecoulddance.

Packed with inspirational stories of just some of our Magpie Dance participants, the campaign aims to increase awareness of the vast potential of people with learning disabilities. It also aims to increase not only Order Tramadol Online Europe, but Order Tramadol Overnight Cod and Purchase Tramadol Online Uk too.

As a charity it is important we look to the longevity of our programmes and the positive impact on our participants. Class fees alone don’t cover the running costs of all the opportunities available for dancers and there are many more people with learning disabilities to support. Increasing regular giving and the number of our Friends are key to our continuing successes and plans for the future.

We invite you to watch, enjoy, donate and share the films on social media to spread #whoknewwecoulddance far and wide. Help us challenge outdated perceptions and keep Magpie Dance going.

Watch the first film here, with four more incredible instalments to be released over the next few weeks. Find us on Facebook and Twitter @MagpieDance and share!