WW1 Centenary Project – We’re partnering with Ruskin College, Oxford

Posted on: May 1, 2018

We are very excited to announce that our Co-Artistic Directors are joining forces with Dr Lee Humber from Ruskin College, Oxford to research the impact of the First World War on people with Learning Disabilities and support our dancers to explore this area as part of this year’s artistic theme.

The little research we have conducted to date shows that the impact of the First World War on people with Learning Disabilities was significant but little told.   For example, of the 40, 000 people with learning disabilities housed in asylums across the country in the early 20th Century, up to 12,000 were displaced when the buildings were requisitioned as war hospitals leading to overcrowding, insufficient levels of staffing and consequently a disproportionately high mortality rate.

Our partnership with Ruskin College aims to bring this ‘untold story’ to as many people as possible.