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Who it is for:

Schools, Colleges, Day Centres, Youth groups

For participants who wish to experience working with Magpie Dance in one or more workshops. The workshops encourage participants to develop individual potential and confidence.

The sessions will be planned in accordance with the needs of the participants. The training coordinator and/or the lead facilitator will communicate with client to plan the project and ensure these needs are met. The workshops can be linked to a topic chosen (for schools) as a way of starting off a creative project. Staff can join in with the workshops as a way of gaining hands on CPD.

This package could be anything from 2 hours to a day. It could be a one off workshop or a series of workshops for example daily for a week or weekly for a term.

The Session will be led by 2 experienced Magpie Dance facilitators with live music.

Outcomes for participants:

  1. Improved confidence, cooperation, communication skills, movement ideas and awareness of others
  2. Participation in an engaging and active day of dance
  3. An enjoyable sensory experience

Outcomes for staff supporting the sessions:

  1. Increased knowledge of inclusive dance and ideas to try with their students/ clients
  2. The confidence to provide the necessary support and encouragement for learning disabled people to participate in creative activities

“Can Magpie Dance come back again next year?  We loved it – my class got so much out of it, and it was a real joy to see them interacting with other students from lower down the school.  The workshop leaders were spot on with our PMLD students. It was so uplifting.  Really I can’t praise them enough – it was brilliant!” Workshops at Broadstairs School 2014


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