Virtually Magpie

What was Virtually Magpie?

At the beginning of 2020, the Magpie Dance team were working hard to find ways to reach a wider audience under the current artistic theme of technology. Our fantastic Artistic Director, Alison Ferrao was significant in driving this theme, encouraging dancers to have new experiences with technology and dance. When Covid-19 struck we realised that our usual sessions would unfortunately have to stop, however, we still wanted everyone to experience the joy of eMotion, when dance and technology collide. The ‘Virtually Magpie’ programme was formed as an exciting solution to this problem.

‘Virtually Magpie’ was an 8-week online dance programme that took place during our Summer Term. The free and inclusive programme allowed participants from anywhere in the world to take part in a wide selection of dance sessions from the safety and security of their own home during the UK lockdown.

There were three types of sessions:

•          ‘Technique at 10’ – Keep your skills tip top with these focused sessions.

•          ‘Midday Movers’ – Suitable for everyone, whether you’ve danced before or not, come and get active with us!

•          ‘Film at Four’ – Watch performances and see behind the scenes of Magpie Dance projects and performances throughout the past 35 years.

We were thrilled to be able to create a programme that was not only more widely accessible but moreover was able to allow dance classes to continue safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.



We were thrilled that so many people enjoyed Virtually Magpie. Take a look at the feedback below from dancers, parents and carers:


“As always Magpie has put the well-being of our young people first and come up with alternative options to support them”

Thanks for keeping the momentum going during lockdown it has certainly helped our young people to keep occupied, keep fit and socialise with their peers during this time of uncertainty”

Joe has taken part in some of the sessions and enjoys them.  I think they are very well produced and have a really personal feeling about them.


I really enjoyed is seeing the facilitators and musicians on the T.V and the sessions were very good and very impress of it how they did it and very impress of them how they do it and how magpie dance do they are very professional.”



“It shows you a symbol of the pics images on the left top corner and is useful and is very clear it helps people to understand what it means and what they are and it helps you to understand if you or any one has got a learning difficulty of understanding then this well help you to understand in a good way I loved them



The legacy of Virtually Magpie still stands – all “Film at Four” videos are still available to watch. These exciting short films, performances and documentaries will give you an insight into the story of Magpie Dance so far. Visit our YouTube channel to take a look at the past 35 years at Magpie Dance through film.


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Participation in Virtually Magpie was free. If you have enjoyed any of these sessions please consider making a small, voluntary donation to help us continue to provide Magpie Dance for everyone.

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