From ground zero – a Magpie Dance success story

Posted on: July 6, 2020

Magpie Dance are excited to announce that we have been invited to be key speakers at the Institute of Fundraising Convention 2020. The Institute of Fundraising is the ‘professional membership body for fundraising in the UK’. This national organisation supports, leads and trains fundraisers to help them fulfil fundraising objectives in an ethical and effective manner.


Our excellent Fundraising and Development Manager David Ward and Founder Avril Hitman BEM will be hosting a unique session exploring fundraising strategy. They discuss how Magpie Dance has developed, flourished and become a successful model of income generation over 35 years.


In the UK, small charity organisations rely on having an excellent Fundraising and Development manager who can help them to acquire the support to continue providing their services. At Magpie Dance we are delighted to have David Ward, a highly experienced arts fundraising consultant who works incredibly hard to keep developing our company. We are thrilled that he is being recognised by the Institute of Fundraising for his talents.


Despite retiring in 2017, our Founder Avril Hitman BEM still champions and supports the developments of Magpie Dance. At the Institute of Fundraising Convention, she shares the story of Magpie Dance, highlighting how it grew from one 45-minute session per week to the nationally recognised company this it is today.


If you are interested to learn more about our fundraising strategy and how we have grown over the past 35 years then you can purchase a ticket for the Institute of Fundraising Convention 2020 here. To find out more about our story, please visit our About Us webpage and visit our YouTube channel.


Individual donations play a huge part in enabling Magpie Dance to continue our work. If you’d like to make a one-off or regular donation to Magpie Dance, please visit our Donate page. Thank you for your support.