Magpie Dance go global in ‘The Dance WAF Made’

Posted on: May 16, 2020

Since 2018 Magpie Dance have been taking part in an exciting annual arts festival, Wandsworth Arts Fringe. This vibrant festival is inclusive and welcomes work from across all art forms each year.

In the festival’s ninth year, Magpie Adult Choreographers delivered an excellent live performance. The following year, the Magpie Dance team switched things up, and created a unique film for the festival. This year, the team have been keen to continue the tradition and we are involved with the wonderful festival yet again!

For 2020, Wandsworth Arts Fringe exists as #WAF2020, an online festival that you can take part in from your living room! There are a myriad of activities and sessions to join in with, as well as an exciting feature that has launched today, ‘The Dance WAF Made’. This dance video project inspired by Sarah Blanc, Manouk Schrauwen, Jordy Dik and Mitchell Rose Exquisite Corpse, hosts an eclectic cast of dancers and non-dancers from across the globe who all have one thing in common – a connection to the Wandsworth Borough. When asked to take part, Magpie Dance were very excited and got involved straight away. One of our facilitators, Georgia Poole, shared her experience with us:

‘I was thrilled that Magpie Dance could be involved in #WAF2020, I enjoyed choreographing a short sequence and feel proud to be dancing virtually alongside other artists. I hope that we can bring this project to life in a studio some day! Enjoy everyone! Look out for my special message!’

Check it out today at 12noon by clicking this link and look out for Georgia’s special Magpie message!