Magpie Dance launch Connect 35

Posted on: February 4, 2020

In celebration of our 35th anniversary we’re launching Connect 35 – an online participatory dance opportunity.

Founded in 1985 by Avril Hitman BEM, the values and approach of Magpie Dance are grounded in the social model of disability. It is up to society to find a way of including people, rather than excluding because of disability. 35 years on, this remains vital to us at Magpie Dance, having grown from just one 45-minute session per week, to enabling over 450 participants each year.

Today, Magpie Dance is the leading dance charity for children and adults with learning disabilities. Through dance, participants gain life, social and communication skills with added health and wellbeing benefits.

In a range of 35th anniversary celebrations we’re launching Connect 35 – an online participatory dance opportunity.

Our unique methodology empowers all to take part and achieve. Driven by an excellent Artistic Director in Alison Ferrao, and the current artistic theme of technology, the team have been working hard on ways to reach a wider audience. Sharing their achievements, progress and joy of dancing is really important to our participants; as a result Connect 35 was born.

What is Connect 35?

Connect 35 is an online participatory dance opportunity. It’s for people with and without a disability, and with and without dance experience. Everyone is encouraged to make and upload their own dances, all using the number 35 as their inspiration.

With participants from all over the UK (and beyond!) Connect 35 is set to break even more barriers to dance: “We are thrilled to share videos from across our weekly sessions, which are inspired by our love for Magpie Dance and it’s 35th anniversary. We hope that you find inspiration from us and want to join in by making your own moves! Help us share Connect 35 around the globe”  Erica Moshman, Creative Learning Coordinator.

How can I join in?

Use the number 35 as your inspiration, make your moves and film them, and then…

Log on, join in and dance and upload your video here: