Magpie Dance receive the London Youth Bronze Quality Mark

Posted on: October 23, 2020
We have been awarded the London Youth Bronze Quality Mark! The London Youth organisation have been working with young Londoners for over 130 years, helping to provide young people with opportunities that they may not have been able to have otherwise. After a series of assessments, we were thrilled that the London Youth Team presented us with the award.
The Bronze Quality Mark ‘focuses on the policies and procedures that organisations need to have in place to ensure they operate legally and in a safe and safe environment’ and we are pleased to say that we passed with flying colours! The London Youth Team had a myriad of kind comments that they shared with us, here are some of our favourites:
  • Your Peer Mentor module document is a really great way to track the personal development of the young people you support
  • We love how you describe your Vision, Mission and Values (PACE)
  • The wide range of activities and support offered not just to young people, but their families too are excellent
  • We absolutely love your Health and Safety video for your participants. It’s super inclusive and engaging with the pictures and music etc.
Some of their final comments: “It is very clear that Magpie Dance is a fantastic organisation for young people & have a clear positive impact on young people’s confidence & well-being.”
Thank you so much to the London Youth Team.