Magpie Dance Works with Interns from the USA

Posted on: September 5, 2020

During lockdown, Magpie Dance had the fantastic opportunity to work with interns from the USA. Through the CAPA Internship program, we were able to connect with students across the pond who were interested in getting a taste of the Magpie experience.

Due to the pandemic, this was an internship experience like no other! With both ourselves and the interns working remotely, we had work completely differently than ever before.

As most of us may have found with the ‘new normal’ of home working, there were many challenges to overcome, with the added difficulties of time difference, cultural adaptations and of course a few technical difficulties! However, in true Magpie style, we were keen to not allow any minor setbacks deter the experience for our fantastic interns! Despite a few hiccups here and there, we had an absolutely fantastic time working with two incredibly talented students: Bryan Hernandez and Carolyn Oullet.

Our Operations Coordinator Ayanna who led the internship felt that the experience was fruitful and fun for both parties – everyone left the experience with lots of new skills.

Our excellent Business and Research Intern Carolyn enjoyed her internship so much that she has decided to stay on at Magpie as a volunteer and continue with her role. She is producing great work and we are so thrilled to have her on board!

Our fantastic Marketing Intern Bryan has created some wonderful work for us. He has been full of fresh and creative ideas that have come to life in videos, flyers and more. Take a look at his final video below. You can find Bryan on Twitter: @BryHernandezTV or on LinkedIn: