Virtual Kindness

Posted on: October 21, 2020

This Autumn the Magpie Dance team received a wonderful and unexpected surprise when they received a message from dancer and student Caitlin Nicholls. Caitlin, who has been dancing for most of her life made the selfless decision to give back to the dance community and we are so grateful that she chose Magpie Dance as her selected charity!


In her early teens, Caitlin had the unfortunate experience of facing a leg injury and was told that she couldn’t dance again. During this time, Caitlin began to ponder on the fact that some people who have always wanted to dance may have also faced adversity and restrictions, and may have been told for whatever reason, that they could not take part in dance activities. When she discovered Magpie Dance, Caitlin was inspired by the fact that we make dance so accessible, creating opportunities for groups of people that may not have had the chance to dance otherwise.


Last month, Caitlin held a virtual fundraiser for us via YouTube! The fantastic fundraising showcase features performances from a myriad of different artists and also Caitlin herself, who has since made a full recovery and has continued pursue dance! So far, the virtual fundraiser has raised £380, and we are both thrilled and incredibly grateful for Caitlin’s kindness and hard work in putting this together!


Follow this link to watch Caitlin’s fundraiser. The donation page is still open too, so if you’d like to make a contribution, please click here to visit Caitlin’s GoFundMe page. To find out more about Caitlin and her dance journey follow her Instagram page: @caitlinnicholls-21 or find her on Facebook: Caitlin Nicholls.

Thank you so much, Caitlin!


Interested in fundraising for us? Visit this page.